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Vertical Turbine Vertical Turbine


SAMCO Vertical Turbine suction water pumps are designed to handle clean water as well as other clean, clear, non-corrosive liquids without solids. Their compact space-saving design makes them ideal as booster pumps, as well as for many other applications.

Typical Applications

Air-conditioning, Cooling Condensing, Dewatering, Line Boosting, Re-circulation, Filter Backwashing

Standard Design Features

  • Modular construction – Assures complete flexibility in selecting a pump to match your needs, plus quick availability of parts and assemblies where changes are necessary.
  • Standard design – Pumps are assembled from “pre-engineered” standard components.
  • Compactness – Ideal where space is limited. These pumps require only a fraction of the floor space needed for a comparable horizontal unit.
  • Priming – The pump bowls can be completely submerged in the pumped liquid which would assure the pump is primed at all times - thus eliminating the need for expensive priming equipment.
  • Open lineshaft – This is used for applications where the pumped liquid is suitable for lubricating both bowl and lineshaft bearings.
  • Bolted bowl – The bowls and suction bell are bolted together which allows for ease of disassembly when maintenance is required.
  • Column connections – Either screwed type or flange type connections are available on column sizes 3" through 12". Flange type only on column sizes above 12".
  • Impellers – The impellers are of the enclosed type and are secured to the shaft with steel locking collets.
  • Shaft sealing – The standard design utilises a packed stuffing box located in the discharge head. Optional inside or outside mechanical seals are available.

Unitank Design Features

  • Flexibility – Stages can be added or removed in the field to meet changing conditions.
  • Column connections – All sizes are furnished with flanged connections.
  • Discharge heads – The “in-line” head is the standard. Optional discharge heads include the cast type and the fabricated steel type. The suction connection is located in the tank when either optional head is used.
  • Lineshaft bearings – Fluted synthetic rubber bearings are provided at each column connection.
  • Bowl bearings – Replaceable bronze sleeve bearings are furnished in each bowl and suction bell.
  • NPSH (Net Positive Suction Head) – Unitank pumps “makes” its own NPSH. The tank acts as the suction sump, thereby providing for a source of liquid over the first stage.
  • Suction tank – The tank (barrel) in which the pump is mounted is made of high-grade steel. The length of the tank is determined by the length of the pump and the available NPSH.

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