Vertical Spindle / Cantilever Pump


CSO-V, CP-V – ASME 873.1 standard process pumps

PWO-V, CPP-V- Pulpy solids and corrosives

CW-V- Process- Abrasive solids and slurries

NSR-V, VTX-V Vortex impeller – Wastewater, sludge, liquids with solids

Cantilever options also available

Typical Applications

Mining, Chemical, Pulp & Paper Food & Beverage, Wastewater, Mining, Sugar, Irrigation

Sealed Bearing Column

The pressurised column design is standard on all units.  Fluted cutless rubber or phenolic bearings are available. A clean source of external liquid is introduced into the top bearing at a pressure of100kpa. A lip seal type arrangement affords the method of pressurising the column and prevents the entrance of the pumped liquid into the column assembly. (Not applicable to Cantilever pumps.)

Pump Lengths

Vertical spindle, vertical cantilever

Superior Hydraulic Characteristics

All SAMCO Pumps are designed with superior hydraulic characteristics, resulting in maximum efficiencies. All pumps have sloping characteristic curves with a constantly rising head to shut-off.

Rugged Casing

Standard casings are made of materials carefully selected to handle abrasion and/or corrosion, and hard or soft solids in suspension.

Renewable Wear Plates

Available on all pumps except CSO-V models


Open, enclosed, Vortex or Shearpeller impellers to suit application.  Balance holes and pressure balance vanes reduce hydraulic thrust and stuffing box pressure.

Impeller Adjustment

The axial impeller running clearances are pre-set at our factory. These clearances can be easily maintained throughout the life of the pump by simple adjustment.


High strength carbon steel or stainless steel. Accurately machined and of sufficient size to transmit full driver output.

Shaft Sleeves

Renewable shaft sleeves of stainless steel are available


Pumps can be manufactured in various materials to suit specific applications.

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