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In addition to manufacturing quality accredited pumps, SAM Engineering also provides optimal performance testing services at our pump testing facility located on the East Rand. The facility is now available for hire to the industry as a value-added service.

Due to rising costs in both the running of pumps and energy, it has become increasingly important to assess and ensure the accurate performance of a pump unit prior to installation.  A pump forms an integral part of a plant, however should the pump fail to perform this could result in unnecessary and often costly losses in production. As a result, it has become common practice for purchasers of pump equipment to specify performance testing prior to installation on site.

Individuals who refurbish their own pump units can also benefit from testing to eliminate downtime after installation by analysing pump performance and comparing it to the required duty, allowing them to make the required adjustments quickly and easily to ensure optimum plant performance.  

SAM Engineering can perform a range of pump tests according to your individual requirements and draw up a Performance Test Certificate while you witness the test occurring, eliminating any time delays for a hassle-free experience.

Types of Tests

A full range of tests are conducted, which include the following:

Centrifugal Pumps (ISO 9906 Grade 2)

  • Standard Pump Performance Test – capacity, head, power absorbed and efficiency
  • NPSH. Test –to verify suction characteristic of the pump
  • Vibration Test
  • Hydro Test – to guarantee pressures and to detect any leakage on components and mechanical seals



The capacity of the Test Bed is as follows:

  • Pumps with flow rates from 1m/h to 1800m/h can be tested.  All flow measurements conform to ISO 5167-2.
  • Heads of up to 200m are measured with standard equipment.
  • Power is measured with a twin element wattmeter, connected through potential and current transformers, which are in turn connected to two phases of power supply to motor.
  • Meter drives up to 200kw can be used for testing.
  • All equipment is calibrated as per ISO 9906 Grade 2.  When the procedures of this test code are followed, all possible uncertainties have been accounted for, thus forming a solid base for comparing data.

To learn more about our pump testing facility or to request a quote, please contact us on sales@sameng.co.za or +27 11 823-4250 or fill out the contact form here.

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