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Adding value to your pumping system is what makes SAM Engineering the preferred pump manufacturer.

As a full-service pump manufacturer, SAM Engineering is committed to delivering the highest level of support to solve the operational challenges that our clients face through value-added service options. We don’t just manufacture a range of quality process pumps, we provide a full solution from start to finish to ensure that the sales process is as smooth as possible and at your every convenience.

For decades, SAM Engineering has always been a partner in providing real value to support the industry’s pumping needs. We recognise the need for your business to maintain a competitive edge by maintaining a consistent level of performance and efficiency for all the projects you undertake. Our value added services are unique in that they extend beyond the design, manufacture and installation of pumps to ensure that systems not only meet quality requirements, but also maintain performance throughout equipment life, from assessing your needs on-site to offering a full in-house testing facility so that you can make sure that your pumping system keeps performing optimally.

Our Value Added Services

As a trusted advisor in the manufacture and selection of pump systems, our inherent experience will ensure not only that the correct solution is specified, but also that it is backed by an integrated, responsive service solution for your long-term advantage.

Pump testing

Pump Testing

SAM Engineering provides optimal performance testing services at our pump testing facility located on the East Rand. The facility is also available for hire to the industry as a value-added service.
SAM Engineering OEM spares dept.


We back our quality manufactured process pumps with an extensive range of authentic spare parts and components readily available in a variety of materials to keep your pumps and systems running at maximum performance.
Pump Selection Software

Pump Selection Software

SAM Engineering’s specialised Pump Selection Software offers many advanced features designed to assist our clients with quick, accurate pump selections for a range of given duties.
Aligning of pumps


SAM Engineering is fully equipped to offer fast and reliable pump repairs and a recommended maintenance plan to not only maintain the efficiency of your pump unit, but also prolong its service life.
SAMCO Pump Training

Product Training

We are committed to providing support through product training sessions, designed to enhance the capabilities and competencies at all skill levels, from the people on the ground, to engineers. Contact us if you would like more information about our product training.


Our convenient Troubleshooting Guide allows you to review and diagnose potential problems and failures that can occur with centrifugal pumps manufactured by SAM Engineering.
Site Audit

Site Audits

We partner with you to carry out a site inspection and technical audit to understand requirements and identify potential performance improvements, cost savings and ensure your pumping equipment delivers its best performance.
Site Commissioning

Site Commissioning

Our experienced personnel are on hand to support you during pump commissioning, to ensure startup runs as smoothly as possible.


This page contains answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our range of centrifugal pumps, including pump types, maintenance, delivery, spares, and more.

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