Custom Pump Solutions – Building a Sustainable Future for SA

As a market leading pump manufacturer in South Africa, SAM Engineering recognises our responsibility towards not only our customers but also to the broader communities that we serve and are a part of. As a result, our core vision is to provide quality custom pump solutions that ensure optimum pump operations while contributing to a more sustainable future.

Pumping systems form a part of our country’s most vital infrastructures. Many of our pump units have been specified for use in paper recycling initiatives, as well as the handling and treatment of water and wastewater – some of which are still in operation after 20 years. As advocates of these industries, which ensure the continued preservation of some of our valuable natural resources, we understand the importance of pump design that takes in to account the entire life cycle approach of the application, offering high performance as efficiently as possible to meet the demands of critical production processes.

As the forerunner in pump solutions, we are constantly looking to innovate our product offering to customers in all the industries we serve by integrating sustainability in design, focusing on waste minimisation and the maximisation of resource efficiency. Our on-site technicians work hand in hand with our clients to deliver the best solution for their individual requirements. Depending on the anticipated outcome and factoring in other constraints that may be encountered, we are able to adapt solutions and provide informed advice on how to enhance operational capabilities and add value.

In addition, through our pump audit services, SAM Engineering aims to help companies that rely on pumping systems for their daily operation to pinpoint areas that could be optimised to improve the performance of the pump system as well as achieve energy and cost savings that will not only benefit their bottom line, but also the environment as a whole.

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SAM Engineering proudly manufactures SAMCO pumps, providing a wide range of premium custom pumping solutions.

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