Mumi Dam Dewatering

SAM Engineering, a leading manufacturer of centrifugal pumps in Southern Africa, was chosen to supply pumps for the dewatering of the effluent dam of the Mumi Mine, of Mutanda Mining, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in order to reprocess existing copper tailings that have been trapped in the effluent.

The processing and cleaning of the effluent was to be done in a way to prevent future environmental issues, a laborious task that required painstaking planning before execution. The major problem was that the suction head was very high. SAM Engineering decided that vertical cantilever pumps on flotation barges would be best suited to overcome the particular suction conditions of the effluent dam.

SAM Engineering’s cantilever pumps were chosen due to its low maintenance requirements as well as it being vertical and thus having the pump ends submerged in the effluent water. Barges needed to be used due to the abnormal fluctuation of water levels of the Mumi dam. Careful consideration and planning went into the design of the system, due to the sheer weight of the pump motor that the flotation barge needed to support.

The entire project took 3 months to complete. SAM Engineering was quick to identify which pumps would best suit the requirements of the project, and design the most efficient system for processing and cleaning of the effluent to reprocess existing copper tailings. Complete site assistance was provided to the staff at Mumi Mine in order to make installation and start-up run as smoothly as possible.

The project was completed in October 2013 and the pumps have not presented any problems in the time since then. Mutanda Mining has been working with SAM Engineering for many years and has consistently been very happy with the support they receive from them. The Mumi Dam Dewatering Project was no exception and Mutanda Mining is already in talks to purchase more pumps from SAM Engineering.

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