Sustainable Water Infrastructure

Access to water is a basic necessity of life, yet so little of it is available to us for consumption – a problem that is only exacerbated by the expanding population as well as unstable water supply and management systems.

Earth has around 1,260,000,000,000,000,000,000 litres of water. 98% of that forms our oceans and are therefore undrinkable. Of the remaining 2% of clean water, 1.6% is locked up in ice caps and glaciers. A further 0.36% is found very deep below the surface of the earth. This means that only about 0.036% of earth’s water is found in dams, lakes and rivers – our main supply of drinking water.

No doubt, African countries are feeling the impact of the global water crisis, with little more than a half of the sub-Saharan African population having access to safe drinking water. And as a result of population growth, especially in urban areas, the pressure for water infrastructure to keep up is critical.

According to Water Technology Online:

“Urban water infrastructure faces many challenges, including century-old systems, inadequate investment, increased stress on systems and ever-increasing treatment requirements due to emerging pollutants. This has created a pending crisis in water and wastewater service delivery and increased groundwater contamination.”*

One of the primary challenges faced by water and sanitation companies is meeting this increased demand while trying to maximise energy and water resources, and minimise environmental impacts.

“Water lost to leaks and system inefficiencies — accounting for one-third to one-half of the volume in many developing countries — represents additional energy consumption and costs.  When water is lost before it reaches the end user, the associated energy and water production costs from pumping, treating and conveying the water cannot be recovered.” **

SAM Engineering has worked with clients across the water sector and beyond to provide customised pumping solutions that are designed to deliver optimum water and energy efficiency, thereby ensuring the sustainable management and supply of water now and in the future. Our pumps are characterised by robust design, high levels of efficiency and minimal maintenance requirements, ensuring cost-effective operation and the sustainable management of water now and in the future.

Our product offering includes several custom-engineered pumps for water supply and wastewater applications, including water distribution, water intake, water treatment, wastewater transport, wastewater treatment as well as slurry pumping in mines.


*Water Technology Magazine: Water infrastructure: The building block of sustainable cities

**Alliance to Save Energy: Water & Energy Efficiency: Case Study

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