SAM Engineering serves a diverse range of industries with a complete range of pumps in South Africa and into Africa, including water and industrial sewage pumps, slurry pumps, chemical pumps, process pumps, self-priming pumps and more, designed to offer a wide range of solutions built to customer specifications.

Over the last 17 years, we have sold a number of pumps for each of the key industries that we serve, ultimately supplying a remarkable total of over 9,700 customised pumps in this time period.

Number of pumps sold from 2003-2020:

Automotive 17
Chemical 1,139
Fertilizer 135
Food 199
Mining    3,475
Municipal 24
Oil & Gas 215
Other 1,176
Power 68
Pulp & Paper 293
Steel 194
Sugar 66
Water & Waste Water 14
Other 2,730
TOTAL 9,745

Mining and Minerals

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SAM Engineering offers a wide range of custom pumping systems for unlimited pump configurations to handle acidic and abrasive media, flocculants, electrolytes, light slurries, and corrosive materials in mines across Africa. Using a variety of corrosion and abrasion resistant materials, we strive to provide high-quality, high integrity products that deliver long-term solutions under harsh conditions.

Our experience with mining applications has continued to position SAM Engineering as a market leader in pump solutions. Over the past 17 years, SAM Engineering has sold over 9,000 pumps of which 2,300 have been specified for the mining industry. With installations dating back to the 1980s, our robust pumps have demonstrated proven, consistent performance in excess of 20 years. This combined with approvals from high profile clientele stands testimony to the fact that our pumps are widely accepted across Africa for quality and long-term value.

We have supported numerous pump installations for various mining and mineral processing plants, including Kolwezi Copper Company, Mumi Mine, Lonmin Smelter and Mopani.

Product Range:

  • End Suction
  • Build and Vertical Build
  • Custom pumps to suit custom applications in various alloys


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SAM Engineering manufactures and distributes high performance, robust pumps ideally suited to the sugar industries where the fibrous and erosive qualities of the media require a stable, versatile conveyance solution. With over 750 pumps currently in operation, our pumps have been providing optimal performance in the sugar industry for over 25 years. The simplicity in our pump design techniques means that our pumps are built to last, offering a more robust system that is easy to install and maintain for continued performance throughout equipment life.

Thanks to our vast experience and the long standing and close partnerships we’ve built within the sugar industry, we are constantly striving to provide ever more efficient solutions. Our customer reference list includes companies across Africa, including Ubombo Sugar – Swaziland, FUEL – Mauritius and SUDS – Mauritius.

Product Range:

  • HM, CPW/X (Materials: 316ss, 28% Chrome and 17,4PH)
  • HS80, HS90, Vertical Turbine (Materials: 28% Chr, 17-4PH)


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SAM Engineering offers a total pumping solution to ensure the efficient and reliable transfer of volatile and highly flammable liquids typically found in the petroleum and petrochemical industries. Our quality-approved pump units are designed to increase the safety of the whole system in hazardous environments where fuels, oils, wax and other aggressive fluids are pumped at high temperatures.

Since 1986, we have supplied over 1000 pumps to the oil, gas and petrochemical industry – some of which are still in operation today. Custom steam jacketing is fabricated for our range of pumps to maintain temperatures in demanding conditions and specialised sealing arrangements allow pumps to reach their full potential in performance and lifespan, especially for sulphur applications.

SAM Engineering has extensive experience in manufacturing and supplying pump systems for refineries such as Sasol and Midlands Sasolburg.

Product Range:

  • ASME B73.1 pumps to suit non API610 applications
  • CPO, CPW, HS80, HS90
  • CPO/CP (CI, SG Iron, Cast Steel and 316SS)


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The chemical processing industry is characterised by the transfer of highly corrosive, high temperature chemicals, requiring only the most advanced material technology to satisfy stringent safety demands. Our pumps for the chemical industry are designed to provide ultimate performance capabilities with custom steam jacketing and special seal arrangements for sulphur. Add to this bigger shafts and bigger bearings and high slenderness ratios, and SAM Engineering offers a robust pump that is far superior to anything else on the market today.

Product Range:

  • CPO, CP (Materials: 316 SS, Sanicro 28)


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SAM Engineering’s quality manufactured pumps are widely recognised and used throughout the South African chemical and fertiliser industry where corrosive, erosive and explosive media demand the toughest and most technologically advanced products. The unique combination of non-standard pump materials, including SAN 28 and Hastalloy-C, make our products ideal for pumping hazardous and light slurry liquids in fertiliser manufacturing plants.

Product Range:

  • CPO/CP
  • Materials: 304 SS, 316SS, Sanicro 28 and Alloy 20

Food and Beverage

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At SAM Engineering, we offer pump models specifically designed with steam jacketing and specialised sealing arrangement to handle viscous, corrosive and temperature-sensitive ingredients in non-contaminated food processing environments. Our products have enjoyed a long-standing reputation for quality and efficiency in sweet, starch and crisp manufacturing companies throughout South Africa, including Illovo Sugar, Cerebos, Karan Beef and Tongaat Hulett Starch.

Product Range:

  • CPO (Materials: 316 SS)
  • CPW, CPS

Pulp and Paper

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SAM Engineering’s product offering includes pump solutions capable of handling pulpy, corrosive and erosive media of varying consistencies, as well as white, green and black liquors, and chlorine bleaches. Our pump units are designed to be physically more robust, offering high strength cast iron casing for structural rigidity and chlorine-free processes to reduce wear rates considerably.

Our pump units for the pulp and paper industry offer a long service life, high performance and efficiency to meet the demands of critical production processes. Over the years, we have provided over 1000 pump units to high profile clients such as Sappi, Mondi, Nampak and Kimberley Clark.

Product Range:

  • CPO, CPW, CPS (Cast Iron: 316 SS)
  • CPW, CPS, CWX, CSR, CPO/CP, HS90 Split Case, Fan Pumps, Shearpeller Pumps
  • Material: 316s/s, CD4MCU, CI, 28% Chr

Water and Wastewater

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SAM Engineering is specialised in the design and manufacture of a range centrifigal water pumps designed specifically for water and wastewater handling and treatment. Applications include reliable and efficient turbine and water pumps for irrigation and municipalities as well as sewer pump systems and other related purposes for the pumping of various media, including sludge, raw sewage, potable water, and abrasive and solids-containing fluids.

Product Range:

  • Self-priming Pumps
  • Split Case Pumps (HS80 & HS90 Series, Vertical Turbine Pumps)



SAM Engineering provides accurate and reliable industrial pumping solutions to meet the challenges of the automotive industry in which delicate and often expensive coating media such as paint is conveyed at speeds up to 1450rpm in a sterile environment. Dynamic seals offer top quality for reliable product containment.

Product Range:

  • CPO Pumps, CPO Vertical Cantilever (Material: 316 Stainless Steel)

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SAM Engineering proudly manufactures SAMCO pumps, providing a wide range of premium custom pumping solutions.

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