HM Process Pumps

Typical Applications

Process slurry pumps for mining and sugar processing applications

Standard Design

Single stage, enclosed impeller back pull-out hard metal process pump for abrasive slurries.

Eleven size selections are built on three power frame assemblies. Maximum interchangeability helps reduce stock holding and assists with maintenance planning.

Back Pull-out Design

Single craft maintenance ensures that the piping and driver are not disturbed when routine pump maintenance is performed on bearings, seals, packing, impeller or wear plate.

Superior Hydraulic Characteristics

All SAMCO Pumps are designed with superior hydraulic characteristics, resulting in maximum efficiencies. All pumps have sloping characteristic curves with a constantly rising head to shut-off.

Controlled Pump Operation

HM pump head and capacity can be adjusted to suit a wide range of operating conditions. HM pumps are normally furnished with maximum diameter impellers and V-belt driven to suit pumping requirements.

Rugged Casing

HM process pump casings can be made from any alloy to suit the application and achieve maximum operating life. Separately bolted supporting feet allow discharge nozzle to be rotated to seven different discharge positions to suit most piping arrangements.

Enclosed Impeller

Enclosed impellers have low velocities and are accurately cast for trouble-free service. Balance holes are provided through the impeller hub to reduce pressure in the stuffing box area to suction pressure, reducing bearing loads and effecting a balanced thrust condition.


Front and rear plates are standard with HM process pumps and can be made of any alloy.

Long-wearing Shaft Sleeve

Stellite coated hook-type shaft sleeve protects the carbon steel shaft for the full length of the stuffing box, and extends through the packing gland. Sleeve uses a 300 series stainless steel base metal coated with a self-fluxing, nickel-chrome alloy coating. Hardness is approximately 600 Brinell.

Heavy-duty Shaft

Shaft is heavy-duty EN57 steel, designed with minimum overhang to reduce deflection.

Bearing Protection

Bearings are mounted in machined fits in each end of the frame liner. The inboard bearings (nearest the impeller) carry thrust and radial loads and consist of one or two deep groove ball bearings and a cylindrical roller bearing. The outboard bearing (coupling end) carries radial loads, and consists of spherical roller bearings engineered for maximum service life. Bearings are protected by taconite dustproof seals.

Materials of Construction

In addition to 28% chrome, we also have various other materials available to suit specific applications.  

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