Pump Selection Software

SAM Engineering offers a specialised third-party software to aid you in your centrifugal pump selection. It has many advanced features designed to make the process simple, accurate and fast.

The Pump Selection Software (PSS) takes into consideration a multitude of criteria that would affect the centrifugal pump you require. This includes the flow rate, frequency (Hz), suction pressure, driver sizing specification, fluid density and viscosity.

Once a selection is made, the Pump Selection Software shows the full technical details for the specific pump selected as well as the standard curve showing the duty point relative to overall pump performance.

For convenience, SAM Engineering’s PSS is available online and on your smartphone. Simply enter the requested information and the software calculates and suggest the most suitable pump for your application. This process can also be reversed. Enter the details of the pump you have or would like more information on and the software will quickly provide you with its specifications.

Click here for access to the Pump Selection Software online or tap here for access to the mobile software.

You can also scan the QR code below to be taken to SAM Engineering’s Pump Selection Software on your smartphone.

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SAM Engineering proudly manufactures SAMCO pumps, providing a wide range of premium custom pumping solutions.

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