CSY Type

Typical Applications

Large capacity water pumps for municipal water and wastewater, industrial wastewater treatment and food processing

Standardised Design

All parts except the casing suction cover and impeller are completely interchangeable within a given frame group. Seven pump sizes are built on four power frames. Maximum interchangeability helps reduce stock holding and assists with maintenance planning.

Back Pull-out Design

The complete rotating element can be removed from the pump without disturbing the suction or discharge piping. Fewer crafts are required to service the pump.

Tapered Shaft

The impeller and shaft are designed with a taper to allow for ease of maintenance and great reliability.

Impeller Nut

A well-contoured nut is provided which helps to prevent material from hanging up. A set-screw locks the nut in place.


Either clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation can be supplied. The discharge nozzle can be arranged in any one of five positions for either rotation to suit the piping arrangement.

Engineered for Dependability

Constructed with two-vane non-clog impellers with smooth flow passages capable of passing large soft solids.

Maximum Shaft and Bearing Life

Large diameter shafts minimise deflection and increase packing life.

Bearings are selected in accordance with the Anti-Friction Bearing Manufacturers Association (AFBMA) to provide for maximum life expectancy.

Simple Impeller Adjustment

Axial clearance between the impeller and suction cover is controlled by adding or removing shims between the outboard bearing cartridge and the frame.

High Operating Efficiency

Optional with replaceable alloy impeller wear ring and suction cover wear plate.

Coupling Guards

Manufactured to NOSA (Occupational Health and Safety) specifications.

Dynamic Seal

Available for all sizes

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