CPX | HMX Type

Typical Applications

Paper, Sugar, Food, General Industry

Single Stage – Available with Shearpeller

CPX/HMX Pumps embody a whole new concept in solids-handling centrifugal pump design. The reason is the unique patented Shearpeller design impeller. CPX/HMX Pumps successfully handle large stringy or fibrous solids in suspension, up to 26% entrained air in water by volume, highly viscous material, plus many other hard-to-pump slurries. They’re designed for those applications that are too tough for conventional centrifugal solids-handling units.

The specially-shaped Shearpeller impeller radial vanes are narrow near the centre to accept anything which enters the suction nozzle. Unobstructed passages are formed from the inlet to the discharge, due to vane spacing and their relationship with the casing. Thus, anything that can enter the pump can be passed through the Shearpeller impeller. At the outer periphery, the vanes widen to substantially fill the chamber and provide positive pumping action.

CPX/HMX designs are available in six standard sizes, with capacities to 1 365m3/hr, heads to 107 metres, for handling solids up to 114 mm. You can convert your CPP/CPW/HM pump to a CPX/HMX in the field by ordering the few necessary conversion parts.
CPX design features centre-line discharge, self-venting volute.

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