CPW Type

SAMCO CPW Chemical Pumps are designed to meet the challenges of pulp and paper production, specifically in the handling of pulpy and fibrous solids in suspension as well as corrosive and non-corrosive liquids.

Typical Applications

Paper, Chemical, Food & Beverage, Distilling and other process industries requiring a heavy-duty process pump.

Standard Design

Maximum interchangeability of parts reduces spare parts inventory. Eighteen size selections built on three power frame assemblies.

Back Pull-out Design

Single craft maintenance. Piping and driver are not disturbed when routine pump maintenance is performed on bearings, seals, packing, dynamic seal, impeller or side plate.

Fully Open Non-clog Impellers

Balances hydraulic thrust loads, resulting in extra bearing life and reduced stuffing box pressure.

Eliminate Thrust and Clogging Problems

Fully open contoured vane impellers balance thrust loads, lengthening bearing life and reducing stuffing box pressure. This design has excellent capability for passing solids, chips and splinters with no clogging and has less tendency to airbind. Pressure balancing features behind the impeller result in reduced stuffing box pressure and keeping solids from collecting behind the impeller, increasing mechanical seal, packing or dynamic seal and shaft sleeve life.

Multiple Stuff Box Arrangement

All stuffing boxes are designed and finish machined for packing, inside or outside mechanical seals or dynamic seals. Conversion to any of these arrangements can easily be made in the field. Ample space is provided for gland adjustment, removing packing or mechanical seal maintenance.

Simple Impeller Adjustment

The F9 frame assembly consists of a rigid cast iron frame with an adjustable cast iron frame liner which moves axially to adjust impeller clearance. An adjusting screw assembly on the bottom of the frame permits travel of the frame liner to adjust impeller clearance. Positive alignment of bearings is maintained as both inboard and outboard bearing are mounted within the adjustable liner assembly.

Simple impeller adjustment

F8 Frame. Easy to install shims at the outboard bearing housing adjust axial impeller clearance. When wear occurs, shims which are horizontally split and colour-coded for thickness are removed to adjust operating clearances and renew original high efficiency. Adjustment procedures are simple, providing positive alignment of bearings and can be accomplished during or after installation.

Integral foot mounting for rigid support

Casing feet are integral with casing, wide spread for solid support to maintain coupling alignment. Piping stresses are carried directly to foundation, allowing the frame assembly to remain stress-free.

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