CP/CPO Series

SAMCO Chemical Process Pumps

The CP/CPO Series represents a selection of booster pump units and dosing pumps for use in a wide range of applications, specifically in the petrochemical industry and chemical process industries as well as for mine slurry pumping. As one of the leading pump manufacturers, SAM Engineering is confident in the quality of our pump units which are manufactured to the highest international standards.

Typical Applications

Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper, Food & Beverage, Fertiliser, Mining, Chemical Industry, Irrigation, Automotive

Standard Specification

Built to ASME B73.1 standard specification for chemical process pumps

Basic Design

Fifteen pump sizes are built around three power frames. All parts, excluding the casing, impeller and stuffing box are completely interchangeable within a given frame group. Maximum interchangeability helps reduce stock holding and assists with maintenance planning.

Open Impeller Design

Impellers are designed to balance hydraulic thrust loads, reduce stuffing box pressure and increase bearing life. These impellers provide higher efficiencies and lower NPSH requirements.

Expeller vanes at the rear of the impeller further reduce the stuffing box pressure while preventing solids from collecting behind the impeller.

A square cast head on the eye of the impeller allows for the easy removal of the impeller with a standard wrench, and no unnecessary damage to the impeller can occur.

Back Pull-out Design

The back pull-out design of all pumps allows the pipework to remain undisturbed when maintaining the pump unit.

Shaft Protection

All shafts are protected by replaceable sleeves.

Casing Wear Plates (CP Only)

Pump models F35 upwards are fitted with replaceable casing wear plates, cutting the costs of replacing expensive casings and ensuring correct clearances between wear plate and impeller when replaced.

Complementary Gaskets

Material such as PTFE is standard when harsh chemicals are to be handled.

Impeller Adjustment

Maintained by means of cap screws, at the rear of the bearing housing. This feature allows original efficiencies to be maintained.

Power End

Fitted with double row outboard bearings to carry both radial and axial thrust, and a single row inboard bearing to carry radial thrust only. An oil slinger provides a mist of oil to lubricate the bearings.

Detachable Stuffing Box

The pumps are fitted with multiple stuffing box arrangements to offer the end user numerous sealing methods with minimal changes.

Options include:

• Gland packing
• Double Mechanical
• Pressurised Grease
• Single Mechanical
• Outside Mechanical
• Dynamic

Conversions of the above are easily adapted on site.

Shaft Deflection

Large shaft diameters minimise deflection and increase packing and seal life.

Volute Casing

Centre-line design allows entrained air or gasses to be vented.


The pumps are available in numerous combinations, namely:

• Cast Iron / SG Iron Cast Steel
• CA6NM – Wear Resistant Stainless
• CF8M – 316 SS
• CN7M – 20 Stainless Steel
• CD4MCU – Acid Resistant

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