Sugar Processing


Typical Applications

 Industrial, Paper, Mining, Municipal Wastewater


Longer pump life Lower operating costs Greater operating range Ease of maintenance Greater flows and heads Elimination of clogging

Solids Handling

The unique, semi open impeller displays superior performance and efficiency in handling of up to 76 mm sphere solids. Replaceable wear plate and externally adjustable impeller clearance restore high efficiencies and reduces expensive downtime.

Elastomer Check Valve

Durable, minimises repriming time and is easily replaceable through top cover.

Check Valve Cover Plate

Access to check valve without totally draining the casing or disturbing piping. Port also provides access to suction chamber for removal of debris.

Silicon Carbide Mechanical Seal

Oil lubricated Silicon Carbide seal faces offer substantially higher resistance to wear and are standard construction. Carbon/Ceramic seals are also offered for most industrial applications.

Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Bearing Housing

Cartridge-type bearing frame gives rigid shaft support. The proper oil volume results in a cool running bearing housing, assuring longer life whether coupling connected or belt driven.

Lightweight Clean-Out Cover

Direct access to eye of impeller. Eliminates risk of injury due to wrestling with heavy clean-out assemblies. Same size cover (6"– 152mm circular) used on all pump models.

Back Pull-Out Design

Rotating assembly along with seal plate can be removed from the casing without disturbing the suction or discharge piping. “Easy to sling” bearing housing makes back pull-out simple. No special tools required.

Externally Adjustable Impeller Clearance

Absolutely no shims used in the Trash Hog design. Adjustments are made externally using jack screws and lock nuts. No draining or disassembly required.

High Strength, 17-4 Stainless Steel Tapered Shaft

Results in maximum strength and corrosion resistance while allowing easy removal of the impeller.


Available in cast-iron, stainless steel and alloys to suit specific needs. Back pull-out permits easy access for maintenance and leaves piping intact. Cover plate is conveniently located for check-valve access inspection.



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